I'm sixteen years old, and ever since I was a young girl my parents told me that God is always watching over us. I believed this, but I couldn't really say that my experience had proven this to
be so. "Maybe it will when I get
, I thought.

One winter night an unexpected sound woke our household at 3:00 am. My father dashed down the hall, sniffing the air. My sister and I scurried to our bedroom door. When Dad came back upstairs he
said, "I don't understand
." he breathed a sigh of confusion, then returned to his

I couldn't get back to sleep. I went to my parent's room and said to my father, who couldn't sleep either, "Are you sure? Did you

"Yes, Tracey, I checked everything," said Dad. I started back to my room, but as I reached the door my mother suddenly cried out, "The coffee pot! I think I left the coffee pot on at

Earlier that evening my mother had served coffee at a church gathering. Now, in an instant, Dad was gone. Mom and I waited at home. I could tell Mom was terribly afraid that she might have been
guilty of burning down the church.

Ten minutes later my father returned. He let out a relieved sigh and said, "Now I understand. The pot was on-- burned empty and beginning to

And what, a half hour earlier, had woke us? The smoke alarm in our own--smoke free--house.

R. Rachelle Page Acts 16:31

This is just one of the exciting true stories from the book, His Mysterious Ways

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