Her brief note to me spoke volumes. “I am a handicapped person in a wheelchair,” she wrote. “I am very lonely even though I know I’m never alone. God is always there. I don’t have a lot of people to
talk to.”

Loneliness has been termed the most desolate word in the English language. It is no respecter of age, race, economic status, or intelligence. Albert Einstein said, “It is strange to be known so
universally, and yet to be so lonely.”

God made us for intimacy and companionship with others. Even before sin entered the world, He declared that it is not good for man to be alone (Genesis 2:18).
That’s why many people often feel so empty inside.

Jesus knew loneliness too. He surely must have felt it when His disciples deserted Him (Mark 14:50). The Father’s presence more than compensated for this, however. He said,
“I am not alone, because the Father is with Me” (John 16:32).
That intimacy with the Lord is available to all who put their trust in
Him and His Word (14:16-23).

We can lessen our feelings of loneliness by reaching out to others. But even more important, we must reach out to the Lord. He is always with us, and He wants us to fellowship with Him throughout the day.

When we are feeling all alone
And no one seems to care,
We must remember: Jesus said
That He is always there. - Sper

Those who know Jesus are never alone.