Sounds like that song right? Wrong!! Getti.g to know people is a essential yet important key to communication. I myself still look for ways to improve this giant of a task. I'm my younger years from my own personal experience. Icould careless who's feelings I hurt. Wrong but o so true I was that kinda guy that had a chip on his shoulder. But over the years I started changing becoming more of a person who's heart wasen't so hard anymore. And i started noticing that my feelings would get hurt easily. That my internal started showing on the outside. I was nolonger as hard as I once was cause I allowed God into my life. And didn't understand Isaiah 54:17 until today. I heard it before but I get the message now thank you Jesus. No weapon forms against me shall prosper he didmt say I wasen't going to get hit, kicked, beat ext. He said that it shall not "prosper". I live by this saying what's understood don't have to be explained. So with that being said put away your selfishness thinking. And get to know, get to know your people. Enjoy your blessings guys.

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