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The Silent Screams - part two

  It was near dusk when I heard that unearthly scream from the woods nearby where I was working. I don't spook easily, but I could feel a cold ripple of fear.

  I'd come alone from town to our isolated farm to tinker with some tractors. "I'll probably stay overnight," I'd told my wife, Doris.

  Now, as I picked up my wrench, the weird cry came a second time - not human, not animal. And it was louder, closer.

  That did…


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The Silent Screams- part 1 By Ellen Daveys

The Chicago neighborhood I grew up in was a friendly place, but ever since I was a little girl my mother had warned me not to accept rides from strangers. Still, one

frigid day when a man in a truck offered a lift, I climbed aboard.

I knew the moment the door slammed shut…


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The Smoke Alarm By Tracey Daniels

I'm sixteen years old, and ever since I was a young girl my parents told me that God is always watching over us. I believed this, but I couldn't really say that my experience had proven this to

be so. "Maybe it will when I get

, I…


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I Heard Her Yell In English by Scott Bostrom

That hot summer Illinois afternoon my wife and I had been invited to a swimming party at the home of some friends. With our two children in the care of my grandmother, Cherie and I felt as free as the breeze. As I

stood on the diving board, I paused to look up into the serene



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