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Jeremiah is sitting under an olive tree. Suddenly the Lord speaks to him

Lord: Go and get thee a…

Jeremiah: (So I got me a girdle…)

Lord: Take the girdle…

Jeremiah: (So I went…) after many days

Lord: Arise, go…

Jeremiah: (Then I went…)

Lord: Thus saith the Lord, after this…

Jeremiah 13:1-11



What you have just read is a one-act/ three scene play. God is the writer, the actor is Jeremiah and the people of Judah are the audience.Through out the Bible we read countless examples of how God used drama to illustrate His message to man. Plays and skits have always been an instrumental part in God's work. Actions speak louder than word is the inspiration for Ebenezer Ministering Arts, a new ministry looking to rest itself in the greater Dallas area. Do you agree that today's youth are in need of positive influence through Christian activities to help block out the negative aspects of society. We have a heart for the youth and have had for many years now. At E.M.A. we will provide performances of Christian plays and skits at other churches and organizations. We also plan to show Bible-based movies through out the year that deal heavily with issues that youth face today: broken homes, drugs, alcohol, violence, teen pregnancy, media and peer pressure, sex abuse, suicide, etc. If you think the problems of our youth are going to solve themselves, then our ministry is in vain; it's not needed. But if God's Word is effective in changing someone's life and we don't seize the opportunity, then their future can be counted on our hands. We owe it to our youth to try everything possible to help them in the war against satan. We as Christians have the solution; we just need to find an effective way to use it - and EMA believes it has. Here is your invitation for an opportunity to get in on the ground floor and ride up the Lord's elevator with us. Many souls will be won, lives will be changed and you will be a part of strengthening the tender thread that weaves the fabric of tomorrow. My staff and I both believe in what we're doing so much so until if no one else gets on board, with God's help the ship will still sail. Never the less, with your help the voyage would be much smoother. May the Lord bless you as you serve Him.

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            Does your church have a drama team for your youth department?  We set up drama workshops for plays and skits. We work with the youth to develop a production and afterwards they perform for their church family and neighborhood. If this is something that the Pastor and congregation would be interested in (especially during the summer) we would love for you to contact us for more Information.

            A picture is worth a thousand words is the old cliche’ that is the inspiration for Ebenezer Ministering Arts, enabling us to help actors illustrate God’s Word as a witnessing tool.  Your young people can portray several Bible trues in one drama.  PRAY ABOUT IT, AND THEN GIVE US A CALL. We hope to hear from you soon.

Yours in Christ,

Ebenezer Ministering Arts



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