Ok...obviously we are twilight fans around here.  Some of you out there may be thinking.."what is it about this vampire movie anyway?"  Man oh man...let me help you with understanding as only an obsessive fan can :) 

Yes the movie is full of underage hotties.  I myself am a grown woman, intelligent and well versed, who fully entertained the idea of inappropriate conversations with Taylor Lautner (the about to be 18 actor who plays Jacob in the series).  The hotties, as many as there are, are not the reason for the throngs of fans enticed with the movie.  It is quite simply...a fabulous love story.  A great triangle filled with passion, agression, and almost unfathomable devotion.

Do you remember teenage hormones?  If you think they are gone (instead of safely kept under unflinching control) read these books.  You don't have to be a vampire to feel fire burning in your blood, that sweet ache that is true love.  This is what makes us want to read (and watch) the series.  The star crossed lover story works best when we believe it.  When we wonder..."would I give it all up if it were me?" 

This is the question that has grown women putting on t-shirts with either "team jacob" or "team edward"  on them.  The magnetic pull is that we believe in the possibility of the devotion.  A great writer once said that "Romance is about the possibility of the thing"...In this way, twilight has romanced us all...Thoughts?

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Oh wow!! Let's see...I've always loved romances as well as horror. I was into Vampires before the whole Twilight thing. Watching the movie over a friend of mine's house is what wet my appetite to read the books in the first place. My intention was for it to take me a long time to read the first one, then New Moon would be out. Watch New Moon, then read that book...and so forth. Well, I read all four books in two weeks, and have since re-read them. Even went online and read Midnight Sun...twice. So yeah...is there a Twilighters Anonymous Association for me to sign up with.

So it's not all about the "hotties" so much as it is about the love story.

What I want to know is: "At what point did you throw New Moon across the room?" and "Did you cry while reading any of them...ie Breaking Dawn??"
At what point? Don't you mean points? I wanted to throw new moon a MINIMUM of twelve times!! I was so torn...Breaking dawn had me as near to tears as my tough girl persona would let me get. The part when she is trying to hold on to the live baby that is killing her is just heartbreaking. AND I could have jumped up with glee when that horrid little woman was trying to break through the shield in the field and couldn't, it was a roller coaster of emotions for me.
Ok peeps, don't act shocked. You knew this was coming...with Eclipse hitting the big screen, and buzz about Breaking Dawn being not one, but two movies. It's Q&A time:

Are you "Team Edward" or "Team Jacob", and why?? ❧❤❧

Have you read the books or just a movie watcher?? ❧❤❧

If you've read the books, I really want to know what part do you feel they should have included in either of the movies?? ❧❤❧

Also Mrs. Ny asked y'all, "What is it about Twilight?" Please answer her. You know you want to *wink*!! ❧❤❧
Lol Ro, your reason for being "Team Jacob" is too funny. :)

One of the parts I wish was in the first Twilight movie, was when Edward takes Bella to meet his family. They go up to his room and begin to wrestle. Alice and Jasper walk in and Alice says, "It sounded as if you were having Bella for lunch, and we came to see if you would share." And Bella's eyes get all big. And Edward's like, "No, there's only enough for one."

Then there's New Moon. After Alice comes back to see about Bella. And she gives Bella and Jacob a moment. They really should have had: Bella: "You’ll still be my friend, even though I love Alice, too?"
Jacob: "Yeah, I’ll always be your friend. No matter what you love." "Sam would be mad if I broke the treaty, and you probably wouldn’t like it too much if I killed your friend."

That's what I have so far. Maybe I'll post some more later.
Whoo Hoo!!!! ***in my fan girl voice*** Okay, so check it, the first part of ‘Breaking Dawn’ is set for its release date on November 18, 2011 and the second movie will hit the screens on November 16, 2012 (too long away for me *tear*). So I guess you know what that means??!! It's Q&A time!! ❧❤❧ That's right!! So break out the books if you NEED to refresh your memory!! What I want to know is:

What part or parts are you hoping make it to the big screen?? ❧❤❧ Whoo Hoo!! (Keep it PG-13 babies, thanks) *wink*

Okay with November really close, will you be re-reading the books or watching the movies or BOTH?!! ❧❤❧

I, myself, will let my evil twin read the books over while I indulge in the movies ❧❤❧ *evil twin grin* Love it!!

Let me know, are you excited too?!


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