It's been awhile since my last post so I apologize. Do you accept? Yes! Well Good let's continue shall we? Today I want to talk to you babblings about Truth and love. You might have heard someone say the truth hurts or my favorite, words will never hurt me. Well that's a lie. Words carry weight and they can build up and tear down a person. It's a fact that the way you talk to a person when telling them the truth is very important. I know this all to well. For example I once told someone that I loved them deeply but my emotions where all out of sync with my mouth and what seem to me at the time like hard and honest love was just plain old anger. I was yelling and upset because it didn't seem like what I was saying was coming across. Thing was, it wasn't because of my approach. I wasn't being loving at all. Truth was I did love this person, problem was I didn't know how to show it. So I did like any desperate Man of God would do and I started crying because I couldn't fix this problem. But, I remembered in Gods word He says to cast your cares on me. Take up my yoke for it is light and I started reading in His word how to love. And I'll tell you this much your going to have to do a whole lot of dying to yourself in order to love as Christ loved. And men not only did He love the church, Jesus gave His life for it! Pretty bold right?! Well don't let something like dying get in the way of love babblers. God gave us as Christians a new one (life) anyway. In the words of Jesus peace be onto you. Mwah!!!

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