Lol, ok ladies, this question is for you...

Your romantically, loving boyfriend proposes to you with the most beautifully unique engagement ring you've ever seen. Your family and friend just rave about it!

Time goes by and everything is set for the wedding. But the day before you take that big step, you find out the "unique" ring that you are wearing actually belonged to a previous girlfriend that broke your fiance's heart.

Question: What do you do? Keep the ring or not?

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NO NO and NO!! Sorry couldn't do it! I'd be looking at it all the time wondering if he still thinks of HER when he looks at it. I'd also be saying to myself, but he bought this with HER in mind. I mean, is it really mine?! It was intended for someone else! Nope!! Sure sorry!

Hahaha!! I wouldn't keep it either!! Maybe if he melted it down, and remade me one. Or if mine was hers, but two carets ❧❤❧


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