Ok this is a question for both sexes, very simple:


How can you tell when someone has a crush on you?


as for me, i never assume cause you know what they say about that- when you assume something you make an "a" out of u and me.  But I've been told that there are ways to tell. And I've also been told that men never pick up on it. Is that true?

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Well when a person spends a lil more time then normal or when a conversation go's way to good i mean when they talk and talk and talk. also when you notices someone is try to get you attention all the time. They would always do something just for you. Now lets be honest men sometimes pick up on it if they are paying attention to all the signals
the Crush subject.
From my experience, When ever a female had a crush on me, I was completely oblivious to her. I mean really, I was young, naive, and quite frankly didn't get it. A girl had to REALLY stand out from the crowd to get my attention back in my younger days. Even to this day, I am not even privy to the opposite sex checking me out.

Now, as for me having a crush on a female....
That's a long drawn out subject that requires at least a twelve pack of Killian's Irish Ale, and one of my friends around to make sure I don't go off the deep end.
LOL... would you settle for ginger ale instead? :)
nope, but I am feeling a bit of a sense of myself now that I just turned 27.
Seven years I was her friend. SEVEN YEARS.
I cared for her. Stood by her side and defended her honor. I told her I would be there for her when ever she needed me. I had dreams, aspirations. I wanted to do things with my life. I gave that all up. I wanted to see her become what her dreams were.
She wanted to be a model. She had everything going for her too. She had photo shoots, she was trying out her acting chops, and she was beautiful. I was going to protect her. Save her from those that wished her harm, or would do harm. Seven years.

Till one day I told her how I felt. I spilled my heart. I cried. I stood there and waited for her answer....
it never came.

Its been another seven years since. and I have a new question for her.....
I hope she is on here reading.....
Why did you leave me standing there.....
with my question unanswered.
Well I agree with you about assuming. I'd hate to assume someone was into me, and all they really wanted was to just be friends. I'd also hate for them to assume that my intentions were more than friendship. I mean some people just really enjoy each other's company, and it be nothing more to it. It's really kind of iffy 'cause you would hate to have that awkwardness in the relationship. I know most people say that guys are oblivious to this, but some females suffer from this as well. Deep down no one wants to be rejected, so they hold their feelings inside waiting for the other person to spill first. I know people say that a man and women can't be just friends and that's it. But I totally disagree. So I say just really be careful, and guard your heart (you only have one). But also be considerate of the other person's feelings/heart as well. I also was raised that to let the man do the chasing...

You just want to really take it slow and make sure that what you're feeling is more than friendship, on BOTH your parts.

you just know, there is a certain vibe you have with them that you just dont have with nobody else
When all you think about is them, and you wonder are they thinking about you just as much. When you want to call, but then you don't want to call cause you're afraid they won't pick up. When you wonder should I text them, should I wait till they text me. When the BEST part of your day is after you've heard from them. When you don't want to go to sleep at night because you haven't heard from them at lest once. When their opinion and acceptance matters most to you. When someone mentions their name and you unconsciously smile. When you laugh at all their jokes, funny or not. When their smile lights up the whole room for you. When you want to be around them ALL the time cause it makes you feel warm and gooey inside.

But you're right not to assume...I don't blame you. I myself have a fear of rejection, so I would never just like out and out tell a guy I like him, unless I was sure of his feelings first. But then too, you could misread a friendly gesture for a flirt or being something more than it really is.
That is a very good point and I like that one
i can't speak for all men but i can...... and boy i ain't never felt like a donkey. guess cause i've been blessed in that area of my life. but who am i to hold in what God has blessed me with. first of all in this new day and age you have to look past a lot of thing's cause women & men both do it yes the F word..... calm down i'm talking about flirting. and it is so misleading paying attention to your actions can prevent this a lot for example. calling someone a pet name like hun ,baby,boo, ext. all misleading. but to keep it short but always sweet. ask and you shall receive i mean you can't get no more forward than that. ASK!!!! and if they blush all up then pull'em on in hun, oops.... i meant..... well never mind you get what i'm saying. hook line and sinker. but just ask God didn't give you Godly since for no reason now did he?.. all comments made by shun where by shun...... :0


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