Ok, I have a question for men and women. Those of you who are married, engaged, in a committed relationship or just plain single. Please, answer me this: "Is flirting cheating?"

Also tell me what do you constitute as "Flirting"?

Is a mere smile to greet a total stranger a "Flirt"?

*Remember to keep it PG-13. Thank you!*

I'd really like to get some feedback on this topic. So here's what I'm gonna do. For everyone who comments, your name will go into a drawing for a FREE set of Mary Kay® Satin Lips!! And guys don't worry, you can use Satin Lips too (you need kiss-ably soft lips too...lol).

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Ahhhh its my turn!!!! If smiling at a stranger is flirting I flirted with the man at tom-thumb not to long ago. I've seen flirting at its finest from some one who is very close to me my HUSBAND hes a big time flirt its in his nature but if I didn't understand that about him I would have divorced his butt 8yrs ago lol. flirting to me is another way of complimenting some one but if the individual who flirts does not know how to control it that where the problems set in. Flirting as cheating hmmm i would say no. flirting is harmless its like being on a diet driving up to McDonald's just to smell the fry's u looked u satisfied ur nostrils  but no harm was done u did not partake in the act.If flirting was cheating my hubby and I have cheated on each other so many times in each others face. Lets just K.I.S.S when it comes to flirting and not make it a big deal.

Keep It Simple Stupid............................K.I.S.S

To: The understanding at heart... 


Flirting is like anything in life if not used with caution you will be held accountable. lets look at some good steps and bad one's class let's begin, did you know that you flirt with your lover and dont even know it at times its automatic right? well it should be right? it even keeps the fire in a relationship so i would say keep good flirting alive right. oh! and by the way i mean with each other not joe blow and jane doe. now for all you reckless ones smh... your going to get someone killed. Stop!!! learn how to keep your mate in mind after all its a two way street now. learn there in and out and there likes and dislikes and i promise you it will go along way. how ever if you have trust issues dont get into a relationship. your taking away from a persons personally and adding your doubt and cunfusion that's from the Devil if you didn't know that by now. if we didn't have flirting you might not even be here think about that.. as you where.

That's good, Shun. And I agree that you can't have trust issues and be in a relationship. You'll drive yourself and that other person crazy with all your suspicions. You'll constantly be asking if they're seeing someone else. Always asking where are they, what they're doing, who are they with?!?!

Thanks for commenting!!


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