Question: Why do the women who have a man complain so much about how bad their man is??!!

Reason I’m asking is that I've heard a lot of women lately complaining. It seems like everyday their man did something wrong, and they want to come to work and broadcast it to everyone how pathetic he is. While I daydream of strangling her I can't help but wonder, "Well then why are you with him?!" "Either drop that so called zero that you complain about everyday and get you a hero, or shut up complaining about about him. Because, hey, you're still there!! There must be something about him that's good?!"

Is it that they expect too much out of them?

Give me your thoughts.

*Guys feel free to answer as well please, we'd love to hear what you think*

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I don't think we expect to much out of them. I think women are always wanting to "fix" their man. When we all should be aware that he is who he is. Sometimes I let out a long sign when my hubby does something that makes no sense to me, but I always say to myself "That's the man you chose" It puts everything in perspective and forces me to remember why I chose him. So much of the good out weighs the bad. That's the nature of love, to look past the faults. This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine for women. I hate to hear them down talk their man...I mean what does that say about you? If he is a dirty dog and you are with him? Also, if a man so much as frowns at his girl's name we are all down his throat about how "He doesn't really love her!" BUT sisters are out here complaining about EVERYTHING on that man. If he IS a sorry no good Etc...then its high time your behind caught up with your mind and got out of the situation. If he's not as bad as you say, but you always feel the need to put him down...well then, there's some internal work that needs to be done.
As a man, I have come to this conclusion of why women complain. SURE men screw up every once and a while and its funny to dog on them. But when its a constant thing that a woman puts a man down for the same reason. Men are human beings too. We are faulty just like women. We have hormonal imbalances that make us do stupid things. But if a woman ... See Moreis constantly berating a guy, then she needs to take a step back and ask herself "WHY".

She must weigh out the options of why she is with said male. Is he treating her right? Is he taking care of her needs? Is it that there is something that he is doing that could be changed? Men are not hard to talk to. Sit us down, don't use big words, and just be friendly about the conversation. If one of you gets hot headed, come back later to the subject.

But on the same hand if a guy is TRULY not doing anything wrong, then what is the point of putting him down? Example: I have a friend who has this girl, they have been together for three years. He is a great guy, good looking, has a few faults, but is an all around great guy. Has a steady job, vehicle, has his own place. But this girl he is with has to call him every 30 to 45 minutes. She has constant tabs on where he is, what he is doing, who he is with, etc, etc. She is constantly looking for reasons to start a fight. So, in my stand point, I think he should drop her.

So, yea, that is my opinion on the entire subject.
Cool beans! I dont know who Josh is but i love his response. I heard good men are hard to find but I thank the Lord all the time for blessing me with the Love if my life early so that I dont have to deal with the dating world drama. I have a good man and even though we butt heads every now and then he knows me and I know him and I pray that I will ... See Morenever talk down to him or make him feel that he is less than because hes the best he is a great father, husband, friend and provider just to name a few. I truly have a great man!
Good men are not hard to find, they are complicated to understand. If a man truly loves you, he will do most anything. Just over look the minor details. Its sad that a woman would pick apart everything wrong and not be glad that it got done.

Also compromising is also in order to keep a man. Example: When I moved in with my better half, I gave up a lot. I gave up my home, family, moved 2 hours from the only town I knew for the past 24 years. The only thing I asked was that I get to keep my minor habit of smoking, drinking and playing video games. She didn't care as long as I took care of the work around the house, her sexual needs and payed attention to the kids. Fair trade I think.

Its easy to take a good man and turn him into a bad guy. Its happen to me on several occasions. I hated it, and I grew to hate those relationships too. And yes, a man can start believing what a woman says about him and that's sad to say.
I luv all the comments so far. I absolutely agree. Women, especially black women, need to stop complaining about men all the time. As if we don't have our own hangups! I get sick of hearing what they do and don't do. I've even had married women tell me not to get married. R U SERIOUS!! I know how beautiful marriage can be, but i also know it takes work. My parents almost made it to 40 years...they stopped short at 38. But during that time, my dad worked and provided for our family, gave my momma whatever she asked for and was a good father to us. And i never heard my momma slander him to anyone; not even after they divorced. And to this day she won't let anyone say anything against him. That's how it should be done. Listen Ladies, if your man ain't hitting you, cussing you, habitually cheating on you or pimping you out...if he's providing for you and the kids and not gambling the money away on some pipe dream then please SHUT UP!!

The more a person hears what a screwup they are, the more they start to believe it.
Oh wow, I love everyone's comments so far!! And I totally agree.

Speaking as one who was once married and now I'm single and looking, I get sick of hearing the complaints. I can't help but think, at least you have a man to complain about. Then really, if it was really as bad as they make it out to be, you would think they would move around that's what I did. Now I didn't bash my husband even though I could have while we were married. And even when his family members tried to put him down in front of God and everybody, I defended him. But I also knew when it was high time to bale out and boy did I ever!! Just saying, if the good out weighs the bad, don't always harp on the bad. I mean, how would you feel if he was off somewhere with his boys doing you the same way??!!

And ladies y'all really need to wake up and be careful about bashing your man to other single ladies. They might be shady, and try to step to your man behind your back. Thinking, "oh she's just complaining about him cause she doesn't understand him. But I can fix that." Believe me I know some women can be trifling like that!! I mean, I'm just sayin'!! Srsly!!

well i think that some women want to change there men cause they them self need change. i also think that people, women are man should look more into what good God can do in the relationship and stop trying to change one another. that's when things go down hill put faith and trust in the Lord and let him work the bugs out complain to Him better yet pray to Him thats what he's there for ask God what to do. but then again some people just like to complain.


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